We upgraded both the mail server and the web server this weekend April 17th and 18th of 2010

The servers were over 6 years old and it was time for upgrades.

If you are already using outlook express, outlook, or any other mail program.

If you are having problems with mail check the server settings.

So where do I go to check this in Outlook Express
Open Outlook Express

Click on Tools>Accounts>
Click on the Mail tab

Highlight your email account(s)
Click the Properties button
Click on the Servers Tab


If the incoming and outgoing mail server read




you will want to change them to mail.urs2.net

If your email address is not @urs2.net
Let's say it is @c4aba.info
your mail server would be mail.c4aba.info



When you have finished it should look like this.........







So where do I go to check this in Outlook
Open Outlook

Click on Tools>EmailAccounts>
Click View or Change existing e-mail accounts

Highlight your email account(s)
Click the Change button
Here is where the server settings are and they should look like


For Windows Live,

General Tab:
Account name: Whatever you want it to be.
User Info: Your Name and email address. The rest are blank.
Check or uncheck "include this account when receiving mail".

Servers Tab:
My incoming mail server is a "POP3" server.
Incoming mail: mail.urs2.net
Outgoing Mail: mail.urs2.net
Email user name: your account email address
Check remember password if desired.
Select "log on using clear text authentication.
Select "My server requires authentication. Click on "settings" and select "Use same settings as my incoming server"

Connection Tab:
On mine I have checked "Always connect to this account using" LAN.

Security Tab:
boxes are blank and the Algorithm is set to "3DES". That is what it defaults to.

Advanced Tab:
Outgoing mail (SMTP): 26
Incoming mail (POP3): 110
None of the boxes are checked


Thunderbird, or any other mail programs the settings will be the same.


If you have any questions or concerns  call me